An ideal contact center strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and excellent customer support with optimum resources. To achieve this balance and improve the critical CX metrics and KPIs, every contact center must need advanced contact center analytics software, which derives actionable insights from the wealth of data that customers and agents leave behind during everyday interactions.


In today’s complex, omnichannel, and virtual contact center universe, analytics holds the key to discovering deeper customer insights, trends, and patterns hidden in a vast array of data sources and channels, including voice calls, IVR, online self-service, chat, click-to-call, online forums, mobile apps, social media, and more. Having insights into how your contact center responds to customers is essential to improve productivity, efficiency, quality of service, and overall customer satisfaction. Bell is your analytics partner of choice to transform contact centers into agile, digitally-savvy, and data-driven customer engagement hubs. With more than two decades of contact center experience and a track record of supporting 150 contact centers in 60 countries, Bell offers an array of analytics capabilities, from standard dashboards to prescriptive analytics.

A global customer journey enterprise-enhances data processing for quick decision-making

Leading multinational bank improves CX with analytics-driven quality assurance

Delivering CX Excellence with Analytics-Driven Quality

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