As the interaction channels and customer demands grow exponentially, enterprises have no choice but to leverage the power of automation to streamline repetitive, rule-based tasks so that their agents can efficiently focus on processes and wrap up every interaction, which requires specialized skills and attention. Robotic process automation in contact centers provides next-generation tools to create an intelligent digital workforce that enables agents and software robots to effectively collaborate during any stage, from cognitive assessment and integrated development to implementation and execution.



Bell’s RPA offerings enable you to seamlessly link front and back-office processes through scalable virtual robots that perform definable, repeatable, and rule-based tasks with high efficiency. We also offer an integrated agent desktop to enable single-screen access to disparate systems. This results in greater accuracy reduced errors and rework, as well as optimized costs. Our RPA offerings include:

Assisted Automation - Robots and employees work together on semi-automated proces

Robots handle fully automated processes without intervention

A dashboard displays robot queues, workflow status, system alerts

Seamlessly linking front/back-office processes through scalable virtual robots – with or without human intervention, Bell ensures high operational efficiency that leads to great customer experiences

British multinational retailer drives operational excellence with RPA

Leading US based global it company improves CX with an AI powered field services platform

Leading US based global IT company deepens RPA capabilities with Bell

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